About Our Office

Michal Kroft, Attorney at Law, permanently cooperating with NWD Legal

· Efficient and knowledgeable legal advisory
· Flexible billing arrangements
· International high quality approach
· Dedicated local focus
· Understanding of clients' business
· Boutique law firm "touch and feel"
· Integration of related professional services, e.g. financial advisory, valuation services

Our Philosophy and Ethics

· Knowing just the Law is not enough.
· We build long-lasting partnerships with our clients and design deals that work to resolve conflicts.
· Our professionals have been trained by the most prominent international law firms, institutions and organizations.
· We trust that a legal advisory must serve its clients, not dictate to them.
· We do not have to build "Chinese walls", we are 100% independent & confidential.
· We do not compete with big international law firms who operate in the Czech Republic, we simply beat them. This is thanks to our efficiency and our friendly approach toward helping our clients.
· Clients deserve fair pricing and reliable forecasts of their legal related expenses, our policy is to never overcharge our customers.
· Our clients know all of the NWD LEGAL staff by name and remember our faces.

NWD Legal is a member of WORLD LINK for law, an international association of 60 law firms